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Cigna Dental Plan Review

When individuals choose a Cigna dental plan, they will have a variety of dental care options from which to choose. Each dental plan offers unique features and benefits designed to help individuals ensure optimal oral health. The goal of these dental plans is to provide individuals and their families with maximum savings while at the same time offering access to quality dental care. The dental plans offered by Cigna include: Cigna Dental Care DHMO, Cigna Dental PPO, Cigna Dental Traditional (Indemnity), CignaFlex Advantage, and CignaPlus Savings. The type of plan chosen will depend on the need of the individuals and their family.

Cigna Dental Plan Review

Opting to purchase a Cigna dental plan can offer individuals and their families significant savings on dental services. With the DHMO plan, individuals will not have a deductible to meet, are not limited by a annual dollar maximum, and each member of the plan may choose a participating dentist within the network. Most preventative services are covered under the DHMO. Through the PPO plan, individuals may choose to visit any dentist in the Preferred Provider network. When an in-network dentist is utilized, no claim forms are necessary. The EPO plan allows members to utilize the services of in-network dentists and does not require referrals for specialty care. Selection of a primary care dentist is not required, referrals are not necessary, and individuals will not have to submit claim forms.

Cigna Dental Plan - What You Need To Know

The traditional Cigna dental plan allows individuals to visit any licensed dentist or specialist. This plan covers most diagnostic and preventative dental services. The CignaFlex Advantage program provides individuals with the opportunity to switch between dental plans before open enrollment periods. Changes in one's dental plan can be made on a monthly basis when necessary. The CignaPlus Savings program is not actually dental insurance. It is a discount program that allows individuals access to discounted dental services through a nationwide network of participating dentists. Regardless of the route taken, individuals should seriously consider obtaining some type of dental insurance for themselves and their families.

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